Miss World Laos 2019 Announces Application Opportunities

(KPL) The Modeling Agency, the copyright holder of Miss World Laos, hosted a press conference on Miss World Laos 2019 on Jun 28.
Application opportunities are available for single women who are at least 1.65 cm tall and aged between 17 and 25 years old.

“Miss World Laos 2019 aims to select a representative of Laos for Miss World 2019 and other international events who will then present Lao culture and traditions to the world community,” said President of Miss World Laos project, Mr Saykeo Sydavong.

“This year contest aims to make those involved in organizing Miss World events gain more professional skills and we also want to see women who are confident, well versed and ready to showcase to the world our cultural values as well as their English communication skills,” said Mr Saykeo.

The winner of Miss World Laos 2019 will be crowned with a crown worth more than 150 million kip and awarded a cash prize of 30 million kip.

The conference saw the presence of Vice President of Miss World Laos Saykeo Sydavong, Director of Miss World Laos 2019 project, Ms Ansaly Vong-Ariyakavy, and representatives of the Lao Youth Union and media.

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